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Indoor Soccer - Youth Rules & Regulations    



Guelph Soccer

Youth Indoor House League Rules



  1. Number of Players on the Field:


  • U8/9/10 – 4 v 4 on field plus a goal keeper
  • U11-18  – 6 v 6 on field plus a goal keeper


 Minimum number of players for game to proceed;



Minimum # players

Maximum # players














In the event that there are not the minimum number of players the teams may still play with the referee officiating. 


The 4-up-1-up rule applies for U8/9/10/11/12 age groups


  • If a team is losing by 4 goals, a player can be added.  This player must be removed when the goal difference becomes 3.
  • When the goal difference goes to 8, a second player is added, and removed when the goal difference becomes 7.


  1. Field Size:

U8/9/10 = Half Field

U11- U18 = Full Field


  1. Ball Size:

U8/U9/10 = Size 4 ball

U11/12 = Size 4 ball

13-18 = Size 5 ball


  1. Game Duration:

U8/9/10 = practice (10 minutes to warm up) plus game of 2 x 20 min halves, 1 (one) minute half time.

U11-U18 = Game of 2 x 25 minute halves, 1(one) minute half time.


  1. Coaches on Field:

U8 - U18 - Coaches to remain on sidelines.


  1. Match Officials

U8 games will be lead by game leaders.

U9 and up games will be officiated by Ontario Soccer certified referees.


  1. Substitutions: 

Substitutions can be made “on the fly” and at any stoppage in play.

The substitute must enter the field at half-way on the same side as the benches and can only enter the field of play when the departing player is within 1 meter of the sideline.




  1. Retreat Line: applies to U8/9/10  and U11/12 House League Groups

The retreat line will be in effect on a goal kick or after the goalkeeper makes a save. The retreat line will be the halfway line for U8/9/10 and the third way line for U11/12. The opposing team must retreat to the designated retreat line and stay until the ball is in play. The ball is in play once it is touched by a teammate of the player taking the kick, (or goal keeper playing the ball), or once it crosses the retreat line, whichever occurs first. The goalkeeper in possession does not have to wait for the opposition to retreat and has the option to restart the game anytime. If the team chooses to do a quick start then the retreat line does not come into effect and opposing players can play the ball immediately.


  1. Off Side: 

There are no off-sides in indoor soccer.


  1. Game Starts and Restarts:

Each half (and after each goal) will commence with a kick-off where the ball can be played in any direction.

If the ball hits any part of the facility (ex. light post), an indirect free kick is taken directly below the point of contact.

A kick in (indirect) is taken to re-start the game when the ball is kicked out of bounds. Opposing players must be a minimum of 5 metres for full field,  (2 metres for half field).

For U8 games only when the ball crosses over the goal line the restart is a goal kick regardless of which team kicks the ball out of bounds.


  1. Free Kicks:

All free kicks in indoor are indirect, except for penalty kicks.

Players must be at least 5 metres (2 metres for half-field) away from the ball on all free kicks.

Penalty kicks should be taken at 7.5m (full-field) or 5m (half-field).


  1. Game Sheet:

Each coach is required to sign the game sheet and submit it to the referee a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the start of the game. Game Sheets will be available from the Dome Attendant Desk.


  1. Player Equipment:

Clean outdoor soccer cleats, indoor soccer shoes, indoor turf shoes and/or indoor running shoes are permitted on the indoor turf field. Shin guards must be worn by all players. Jewelry is not permitted on the field. The practice of taping jewelry is not accepted either. Medic Alert bracelets can be worn on the field.




  • A player receiving a yellow card will be given a 2-minute time penalty, the team will play short 1 player. The player who received the yellow card MUST be the player serving the time penalty.
  • A player receiving a red card will be dismissed for the reminder of the game. In addition, the team will receive a 5-minute time penalty, during which the team will play short 1 player. The player who received the red card CANNOT stay on the bench side, and must either leave the facility or sit with the spectators. Consequently, the time penalty will be served by another player of the team.
  • A team cannot have more than 2 players serving penalties at once. In the case where more than 2 penalties should be served, the 3rd penalty will start once the first penalty has ended.


NOTE: No slide tackles are permitted in indoor soccer. A slide tackle will be penalized by an indirect free kick. The player will be cautioned and time penalties applied.




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